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Al Jazeera - Revolutionizing Middle Eastern Media
Al Jazeera, the 24-hour, Arabic-language satellite television news network viewable throughout the Middle East and most of the world, went on the air on Nov.
Israel and al Jazeera - Middle East Issues - About.com
Feb 8, 2009 ... Following the 2009 Gaza war, Qatar shut down its trade mission with Israel. In retaliation, Israel vowed to restrict al Jazeera , the Qatar-based ...
Al-Qaeda, Al Jazeera, and the Muhammad Cartoons Controversy
Mar 20, 2008 ... ... depicting Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban re-ignites the controversy. Al-Qaeda and Al-Jazeera weigh in, with ominous results.
Is Al Jazeera Anti-Semitic and Anti-American?
And should Al Jazeera - which is presently only available in a few U.S. markets - be offered nationwide? Matthew Baum, a professor of Global Communications ...
Former Staffers Claim that Al-Jazeera has Become a Propaganda ...
That's the charge made by some prominent staffers who've recently quit their jobs at the Arab TV network. They claim Al-Jazeera is now beholden to a political ...
Al Jazeera Changes Region - Arab Media and Al Jazeera
The best known of these channels is Al Jazeera. But its top news competitor, Al Arabiya, is quickly gaining a substantial audience. Both stations are staffed by ...
Is Al Jazeera America Trying too Hard to be Like CNN? - Journalism
That's the conclusion of a study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, which found that Al Jazeera America's coverage of the  ...
Hoax Encyclopedia - Antivirus - About.com
The writing style and questions posed are nowhere near the quality and integrity of journalism found with true Al-Jazeera reporters. This assumption was verified ...
Control Room - Review - World/Independent Film - About.com
Jehane Noujaim's must-see documentary "Control Room" observes events at the Al Jazeera news network during the Iraq War. Read Jurgen's review.
Watch the Revolution on Link TV and Al-Jazeera - Middle East Issues
Feb 1, 2011 ... Even the Obama administration is now monitoring al-Jazeera to get its news, probably more than CNN, if you've been watching CNN--which ...
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