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Al Jazeera - Revolutionizing Middle Eastern Media
Al Jazeera, the 24-hour, Arabic-language satellite television news network viewable throughout the Middle East and most of the world, went on the air on Nov.
Watching al-Jazeera - al-Jazeera in US Eyes
I've been at the computer, watching al-Jazeera's new English-language all-news channel. (It's not easily available on television in the United States, as it is in ...
Watch the Revolution on Link TV and Al-Jazeera - Middle East News
Feb 1, 2011 ... Even the Obama administration is now monitoring al-Jazeera to get its news, probably more than CNN, if you've been watching CNN--which ...
Is Al Jazeera Anti-Semitic and Anti-American?
And should Al Jazeera - which is presently only available in a few U.S. markets - be offered nationwide? Matthew Baum, a professor of Global Communications ...
Former Staffers Claim that Al-Jazeera has Become a Propaganda ...
Has Al-Jazeera lost its journalistic independence? That's the charge made by some prominent staffers who've recently quit their jobs at the Arab TV network.
Is Al Jazeera America Trying too Hard to be Like CNN? - Journalism
Al Jazeera may have its roots in the Middle East, but the American version of the network looks pretty much like the other U.S. cable news channels. That's the ...
Al Jazeera Changes Region - Arab Media and Al Jazeera
The best known of these channels is Al Jazeera. But its top news competitor, Al Arabiya, is quickly gaining a substantial audience. Both stations are staffed by ...
Groups Protest Sentences Given to Al-Jazeera Journalists in Egypt
A look at protests against the prison sentences given to three Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt.
Israel and al Jazeera - Middle East News and Issues from About.com
Feb 8, 2009 ... Following the 2009 Gaza war, Qatar shut down its trade mission with Israel. In retaliation, Israel vowed to restrict al Jazeera , the Qatar-based ...
Al-Qaeda, Al Jazeera, and the Muhammad Cartoons Controversy
Mar 20, 2008 ... ... depicting Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban re-ignites the controversy. Al-Qaeda and Al-Jazeera weigh in, with ominous results.
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