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The Arab-Israeli conflict from its origins to the present.
When did the Arab-Israeli conflict begin? What have the Arab-Israeli wars got to do with the Palestinian question? How have the Palestinian uprisings ...
Middle East Conflicts - Iraq War - Arab Israeli Conflict - Afghanistan ...
Mar 23, 2008 ... This page breaks down those conflicts and helps you learn more about ... to chronic, region-wide antagonisms, as with the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict from its origins to the present
Principal issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians, origins of the conflict, the various Arab-Israeli wars, the uprisings, or intifada, the West Bank and Gaza and  ...
Arab-Israeli Conflict: History and Current Status - World News
How did the conflict in the Middle East begin, and what is the future for Israel and the Palestinian Authority?
The End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - About Judaism
Despite the violence and terrorism that has claimed the lives of too many innocent people, the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict is not in sight.
What Is the Current Situation in Israel?
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The future of the peace process looks hopeless, even if the two sides continue to pay lip service to negotiations. The Palestinians are ...
The Hamas-Israeli Conflict: Background, Primers, FAQs.
The Hamas-Israeli conflict is a sub-plot of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, itself a sub-plot of the larger Arab-Israeli conflict. The Hamas-Israeli conflict especially is  ...
Primary source documents in the Middle East conflict
Full text of the 1967 Khartoum Declaration, in which Arab states implici9tly recognized that the Arab-Israeli Conflict would be resolved politically, not militarily.
How Obama Can Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict - Obama ...
Feb 8, 2009 ... The Palestinian-Israeli conflict isn't the greatest foreign-policy challenge facing the Obama administration. Pakistan is. But resolving the ...
Peres Center for Peace - Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and the Peres ...
The organization of the "Peace Team," a soccer team made up of Palestinian and Israeli athletes who twice (in 2005 and 2006) met top La Ligua Spanish teams ...
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