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Operation Desert Storm - The First Gulf War and Operation Desert ...
Dec 9, 2007 ... Operation Desert Storm was the air and ground assault phase of the the first Gulf War against Iraq, which had invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990.
Iran and Saudi Arabia - Middle East Cold War
While the most influential regional powers in the Persian Gulf take care not to get embroiled in a direct conflict, they try to outflank each other by seeking allies ...
Iraq War Timeline 1973-1993
Dec 9, 2007 ... A timeline of the events leading up to the first Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) and through the end of the administration of the first George ...
Qatar - Ancient Persian Gulf - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Persian Gulf lies between two of the major breadbaskets of the ancient world , the Tigris-Euphrates area (Mesopotamia, meaning "between the rivers") in ...
The Persian Gulf - About.com US Foreign Policy
A profile of the Persian Gulf, a region with great geo-strategic significance in U.S. foreign policy, from About Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy Keith Porter.
Persian Gulf Wars - American History From About
This is considered the first high-tech war in which America was involved. Read about the background, events and outcomes of this and the second Persian Gulf  ...
Dilmun - Legendary Ancient Trading Culture on the Persian Gulf
Dilmun is the ancient name of a port city and trade center, located on the island of Bahrain hugging the Saudi Arabia coastline in the middle of the Persian Gulf.
Substance Use - Substance Use in Persian Gulf War Veterans
Jan 29, 2012 ... Although the Persian Gulf War was brief, its impact was no less traumatic than other wars, and many veterans began to experience substance ...
Gulf War - Invasion of Kuwait & Operation Desert Storm
Dubbed Operation Desert Shield, this mission saw the rapid buildup of US forces in the Saudi desert and Persian Gulf. Conducting extensive diplomacy, the ...
All Volunteer Force - Proven Quantity in the Persian Gulf War and ...
"I would argue that the fine performance of our forces in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, the fine performance you've seen in a variety of crises in the last 10 years,  ...
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