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Dunam or Dunum


West Bank Wall/Fence/Barrier

The West Bank's disappearing (Palestinian) dunams, as they get devoured by the "separation barrier," or wall, and Israeli settlements.

Maya Hasson via Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/maya_hasson/)
Definition: Dunam, or dunum, is a unit of land measurement dating back to the Ottoman Empire. In Arabic, the word is spelled دونم (dūnam).

The dunam is still still used today as a measure of real estate in the Levant, including in Palestine/Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, but it has varying values.

Here are the values of a dunam in different countries:

    During the late Ottoman Empire, it was 919 square meters, or 9,892 square feet, or 0.227 acres.

  • Since the 1920s, the dunam in Israel/Palestine, Syria and Jordan and Turkey has been enlarged to 1,000 square meters, or 10763.9 square feet, or 0.25 acres.

  • In Northern Cyprus, which is controlled by Turkey, a dunam is 1,337.8 square meters, or 10.7639 square feet, or 26.6 acres.

  • In Iraq, a dunam is 2,5000 square meters, 26,909.8 square feet, or 0.618 acres.

Alternate Spellings: dönüm, dunum, donum, danam
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