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Iraq: A Nation in Turmoil

Iraq's turmoil explored from the 25-year reign of Saddam Hussein to the first Gulf War to Operation Iraqi Freedom and the consequences of the American-led occupation; Iraq's relationship with Iran and sectarian problems between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are also explored.

Iraq War: When Liberal Hawks Like Bill Keller Repent
Many prominent liberals supported the Iraq war and some later repented, among them Bill Keller of the New York Times.

Massacre in Balad, Iraq: Did U.S. Soldiers Execute a Family of 10 in 2006?
A family of 10 was massacred in Balad, Iraq, on march 15, 2006. A Wikileak cable corroborates evidence that the family members were executed. The allegation centers on a massacre perpetrated by American soldiers.

Iraq's 2010 Parliamentary Elections
Background, Projections and Results of 2010 Iraqi Elections to Council of Representatives.

Iraqi Democracy - Can Iraqi Democracy Survive?
Can Iraqi democracy survive without American tanks? You decide.

Iraqi Elections: Latest Results, Issues and Backgrounders
Latest Results, Issues, Background and projections of Iraqi Elections.

The Blackwater/Nisoor Square Massacre
Facts and brief history of the Blackwater/Nisoor Square massacre iN Baghdad, Iraq, on Sept. 16, 2007.

Michael Waltzer on Terrorism
Is it terrorism when soldiers are the victims? Michael Waltzer says mostly no.

When Will U.S. Troops Leave Iraq?
Options and costs of when and how fast U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq.

Nuri al Maliki, Iraq's Prime Minister: A Profile
A profile of Nuri al Maliki, Iraq's prime minister and leader of the Shiite Islamic Al Dawa Party.

SCIRI: The Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq
Definition and brief history of SCIRI, the radical Shiite, Iranian-sponsored Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

Dawa, or Al Dawa Party (The Call)
Definition and brief history of Iraq's Shiite Al Dawa Party.

Complete Guide to the Abu Ghraib Photos and Torture Scandal
Since it exploded on the world scene with the broadcast in 2004 of photographs of abuse and torture of inmates by U.S. soldiers and contractors, the Abu Ghraib prison scandal has mutated into several incarnations, some of them redeeming, most of them not: the scandal revealed a systemic failure of leadership, tactics and strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan. It discredited American credibility abro…

Torture Photos at Abu Ghraib and Elsewhere: Pros and Cons of Disclosure
What were the impacts, pros and cons, of releasing past Abu Ghraib prison torture photos? What would be the impact opf releasing additional photos and images?

Bibliographical Sources in the Abu Ghraib and Other Prison Torture Scandals
A suggested list of bibliographical sources fur further reading in the Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal

What Are the Abu Ghraib Prison Photos and How Many Are There?
What Are the Abu Ghraib Prison Photos? How many are there? How many are public? How many aren’t? Why is President Obama wanting to suppress the release of additional pictures?

Abu Ghraib Inmates Testify to Abuse and Torture
Abu Ghraib Prison Inmates testify of abuse and torture in their own words.

What Was the Chain of Responsibility for Abuse and Torture at Abu Ghraib?
The chain of responsibility for abuse and torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad did not begin and end with enlisted men, as the Bush administration claimed, but with decisions made by President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and CIA Director George Tenet.

Abu Ghraib Photos of Alleged U.S. Torture and Abuse of Iraqi …
The Abu Ghraib Torture Photos: Sampling from a scandal

Abu Ghraib Photos and Obama's Flip-Flop - Soldiers' Protection or Tru…
Is Barack Obama protecting soldiers or suppressing evidence with his flip-flop over the Abu Ghraib torture photos?

How Obama Is Recycling Bush With Abu Ghraib Photos Fli-Flop
Sanitizing instead of reckoning with history, Barack Obama is recycling Bush with his Abu Ghraib photos flip-flop and other war on terror backtracks.

Review: "The Dark Side," by Jane Mayer
How the torture memos came to be: a book review of Jane Mayer's "The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals."

Iraq Casualties, 1980-2009: From Saddam Hussein to George Bush
A tally of Iraq casualties in war and death camps, 1980-2009, from Saddam Hussein's regime to George W. Bush's war.

In Defense of Muntadar al-Zaidi's Shoe Throwing at Bush
A defense of Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi's Shoe Throwing at President Bush during a press conference in Baghdad on December 15, 2008

Blackwater Worldwide
A definition and brief profile of Blackwater Worldwide, the private security contractor and trainer of police and mercenary personnel that gained notoriety from incidents involving abuse of power in the Iraq war.

Icarus on Crack: Invading Iraq Is Colossal Hubris
In March 2003, as the first coalition tanks were invading southern Iraq, I argued that the invasion was colossal bad judgment and predicted the breakdown of Iraq--at American soldiers' expense.

The Sons of Iraq, or Iraqi Awakening: Iraq's Sunni Variable
The so-called Sons of Iraq, or Sunni citizens patrols forming the "Iraqi Awakening," went from insurgents to American allies. But Iraq's Shiite government still sees them as the enemy.

Review: "Final Salute: A Story of Unfinished Lives," by Jim Sheeler
The American public doesn't want to be bothered with the discomforts of death tales from the front. In "Final Salute: A Story of Unfinished Lives," Jim Sheeler aims to make the public very uncomfortable. He succeeds, brutally and beautifully.

Do Permanent US Bases in Iraq Mean a Permanent Occupation?
The Iraqi government is balking over an agreement that would establish permanent US bases in Iraq, and turn the American presence into a permanent occupation. An analysis of the two sides' positions.

Glossary: Mahdi Army
Definition of the Mahdi Army, the Shiite militia founded by Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr in August 2003.

Profile: Muqtada al-Sadr
Until the American invasion of Iraq, Moqtada Sadr was "just a portly, low-ranking cleric with angry eyes, rotting teeth, an unkempt beard, and a ten-gallon black turban."

Iraq War Timeline, Part 3: 2003-2008
Iraq War Timeline: Main events of the Iraq war since the first day of the invasion in March 2003 to the present.

What Are the Costs of War in Iraq?
War costs in Iraq have increased sharply every year—from $50 billion in 2003 to $135 billion in 2007, for a total of over $600 billion by 2008.

Iraq War: Everything You Want (and Need) to Know
The Iraq latest war began on March 21, 2003, when American and British troops invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein's regime in April that year. What was supposed to be a "cakewalk," in the words of Bush administration officials, has turned into the second-longest war involving American soldiers ( after Vietnam) and the second-costliest in American history (after World War II). Five years on, t…

Why Is the United States in Iraq?
The Bush administration has changed its rationale for war in Iraq as the complexions of the war and the occupation have changed.

Iraq War Timeline, Part 1: 1973-1993
A timeline of the events leading up to the first Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) and through the end of the administration of the first George Bush in 1993.

Iraq War Timeline, Part 2: 1993-2003
A timeline of the events between the aftermath of first Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, launched in March 2003.

Glossary: Iraq War Resolution
Definition and background to the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution by the U.S. Congress on Oct. 10-11, 2002.

Glossary: Operation Desert Storm
Definition and scope of Operation Desert Storm, the offensive phase of the U.S.-led military operation to clear Kuwait of Iraqi forces in the first Gulf War, in January-February 1991.

Glossary: Operation Desert Shield
Definition of Operation Desert Shield, precursor to Operation Desert Storm, during the first Gulf War against Iraq in 1990.

Blackwater Mess: Unaccountable Mercenaries?
The Sept. 16 killing of 17 Iraqis in Baghdad by Blackwater guards puts in question the role of private security contractors, their lucrative, taxpayer-funded contracts, and their apparent immunity from the law. But the U.S. is too dependent on security contractors to manage more than cosmetic changes.

Iraq: The Kurdish Question
What is Kurdistan? Who are the Kurds? Where are they located? What are they after? And is Iraqi Kurdistan the first step toward an independent Kurdish nation?

Is the "Surge" Working?
The Bush Administration says yes. The facts say no.

Iraq: Country Profile
The story on Iraq: From early history to recent invasions and the battle to rebuild as a functioning nation-state splintered by western occupation and Sunni-Shiite-Kurd divisions.

U.S. Casualties in Iraq
A comprehensive, analytical site breaking down American and coalition casualties (killed and wounded) since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, including break-downs by state, age, rank, service and location.

In the Balance: Iraqi Kurdistan
Thanks to multiple accidents of history, Nir Rosen argues, Iraqi Kurdistan is where all the pieces of Iraqi politics come together, or where they may well fall apart.

Iraq: Private Contractors vs. Troops: How Many of Each?
Throughout the Iraq war, the number of U.S. troops in country has always been almost equal to the number of private contractors.

Was Iraq Worth The Blood?
The Iraq war began in 2003 under false pretenses. It ends, and only for the United States, in 2010. Was it worth the blood and destruction? You decide.

Is It the End of the Iraqi "Awakening"?
Four years after the US military bought of Sunni insurgents by creating the "Awakening," insurgents are joining al-Qaeda in mesopotamia again. Is it the end of the Iraqi Awakening?

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