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Saudi Arabia: Country Profile, Briefings, Latest Issues

The story on Saudi Arabia: current issues, the oil economy, Saudi Arabia's place as the custodian of Islam--and a hub for Wahhabist terrorism, and its relations with the United States and the greater Middle East.

Iran and Saudi Arabia - Middle East Cold War
At its core, the Iranian-Saudi rivalry is about power and money: two oil-rich giants, vying for control of the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow water passage that accounts for almost 20% of all oil traded worldwide.

Saudi Arabia's NASCAR Gals

Alwaleed bin Talal Pleads With His Own Saudi Arabia: Reform Before It's Too Late
Alwaleed bin Talal Abdulaziz al-Saud, one of the world's richest men, pleads with his own Saudi Arabia to reform politically before it's too late.

Riyal or Riyals: Saudi Arabian Currency
Royal: Brief definition and history and exchange rate of the Riyal, the Saudi Arabian currency.

U.S. Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
How U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia beef up the Saudi Kingdom--and U.S. arms manufacturers.

Osama bin Laden in the United States
In 1978, Osama bin Laden, a young newlywed, visited the United States with his wife. They stayed in Indiana. He went to Los Angeles.

How Saudi Arabia Discriminates Against Jews
It isn't a secret that Saudi Arabia has long discriminated against Jews, forbidding them to enter the country. Bot for years, the U.S. government complied and enabled Saudi bigotry.

Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque in Mecca
Definition and brief history of Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, the holiest site in Islam, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games
Your Guide to the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Saudi Arabia: Saudi ArabiaÂ’s Olympic history and country profile, and Saudi ArabiaÂ’s athletes at the 2008 Olympics by name and by sport, or game.

Is OPEC Still Relevant?
OPEC--the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries--is a cartel that aims to control oil prices and production. But political divisions are undercutting its power.

Glossary: Wahhabism, or Wahhabiyah
A definition of Wahhabism, founded by Muhammad Ibn al-Wahhab, the rigid interpretation of Islam that dominates Saudi Arabian society.

Go West, Young Imam
Saudi Aramco World, the magazine of Saudi Aramco, the mammoth state oil company, is one of the many ways the Puritan Islamic regime burnishes its image--and that of Islam.

Saudi Arabia: Country Profile
Saudi Arabia's demographics, absolute monarchy, oil economy, religious order, military, human rights record, history and current issues are profiled.

Saudi Arabia and the Financing iof Terrorism and Sunni Extremism Worldwide
Text of a secret cable on Saudi Arabia's financing of terrorist organizations and Sunni extremism worldwide. The cable was part of the Wikileaks document dump.

Saudi Arabia's Dismal Human Rights and Civil Liberties Record
Saudi Arabia's human rights record, along with its civil liberties record, continues to be dismal.

Royal Succession in Saudi Arabia
Succession issue the probably the single greatest threat to the unity of the royal family, in the one Arab monarchy most resistant to change. Are there any plans in place?

How Stable is Saudi Arabia?
Saudia Arabia faces at least five major challenges, that even the world's top oil exporter can't solve with money alone.

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