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Readers Respond: Three Reasons Why It's Not Hypocrisy to Stop Iran's Bomb

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Its easy to say that a nation like Iran should not get its hands on nuclear weapons. It's not so easy to face up to the implications of such a hypocritical and presumptuous stand.

How can, say, the United States, which has the second-biggest nuclear stockpile in the world, forbid others to have their own?

Why is Iran inherently untrustworthy to have weapons? Because it's a Muslim state? What about Pakistan? And where do the West or Israel get off on claiming for themselves a mantle of trust while denying it to others--even though the US and Israel have a far more extensive record of offensive wars?


Why would anyone with half a brain think its a good idea to let iran have nukes. They have nothing but contempt for the West and anyone who will not accept the ridiculous religion of islam. They have orders to seek and destroy, why would anyone want to place the elements of world domination (which they so desperately seek) into their hands?! THINK. soon your mind will be all you have left against the terrorists.


i beleive that isreal wants to rule middle east and u.s.a ,u.k are helping because they islam is true religion and what is said in islamic sxiptures is happening.they try everything to save isreal but have no idea that they will also participate in war between isreal and islam,christians help muslims to vanish isreal.
—Guest majid

muslim power

we own nuclea for destroy america on the map us muslim we hate america and white people
—Guest said bin ally

Why iran cant have nukes

Its time to get the issue straight, the people who hate America are only going to accept the answer they want to hear. That answer is 'its because America is a mean bully who wants to own the world' Wrong, America acknowledges that the weapons existence and use are extremely dangerous to the worlds stability. We already have nukes, but the more nations that get them, the more chance that someone will use them. America, along with many other countries, signed a treaty to limit the spread of these weapons. Has America played favoritism in its deterrent? Certainly, but not without reason. As any country, america must protect its country, as iran is trying to do. I understand they want it as a deterrent, just as all countries do. So what is the difference between iran and these countries? ISLAM. Why should America not fear a country with Islamic rule? They are not afraid to die. They openly admit to the desire to obliterate a country (no matter the reasons behind it). Their guiding book, the koran, which has influence over EVERY part of irans government says the following -"Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216) "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them." (Surah 9:121-) "If you should die or be slain in the cause of God, His forgiveness and His mercy would surely be better than all the riches..." (Surah 3:156-) These are just a few I picked from many many similar quotes. So is America crazy for doing everything in their power to keeping nukes out of iran, and any other non democratic, islamic nations? Not in the slightest
—Guest doowangle

Iran's Nuclear Program

The hypocrisy inherent in the US attempt to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear capability is easy to see. By the way who, in the history of the world, has the dubious honor of being the only country to use nuclear weapon on a civilian population? And who has the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons? Ponder these questions before coming out against Iran having nuclear capability. The policy of do as I say, not as I do - as pursued by the US - is nothing short of sheer hypocrisy. It is also arrogance and bully tactics at its most reprehensible. The US should set an example by dismantling its nuclear stockpile in order to have any credibility in trying to stop anyone else from acquiring nuclear capability.

They should have nukes.

The us kills millions of people per year and AL Qaeda kills about 400 to 300 people per year. why is the us allowed to have nukes and not Iran. I say that the us is much a bigger treat than Iran and they still have nukes.I see no reasoon that iran cant defend themselves because they have been receiving treats from the us and other countries. For people who say Ahmadinejad is crazy there have been crazier presidents with nukes than Ahmadinejad for example George w bush.A dry alcoholic with probably permanent damage to his brain cells and Benjamin netanyahu. so why cant Ahmadinejad have nukes.
—Guest 231457


Iran should not be able to own nukes. They have proven that they are incapable of restraining they're will to erase Israel. If Iran should happen to acquire nukes, I would not feel safe in my own home.


I believe that Iran should not have nuclear weapons. I say this because they have done many illegal activities. Ahmadinejad said he wanted to blow Israel off the map, how is that safe? In their mosques they have signs saying death to Israel. In my opinion I just don't think we can trust them right now, especially with nukes.
—Guest Uknown

AIPAC's power

Only reason US push for sanctions on Iran and are hogtied with criticising israel for its nukes are basically because the zionist influence on US gov and media.
—Guest Jack Johnson

Nuclear Blasphemy, II

For all of its many foibles, the progressive West cannot be so terrible if the Eastern elite still sends its children to be educated there (that also is hypocrisy)."Redress" would be for the East (Middle and Far) to give itself the tools to negotiate a more favourable position within the international community. This must begin with the refusal to let radical factions dominate the political discourse with their divisive demagogy. Without a progressive ijtihad, I cannot foresee this happening.
—Guest Etienne D.

Nuclear Blasphemy

Do you mean that Khomeini's sycophants -- the bigots who, in the manner of Carrol's Queen of Hearts, tread gleefully on the civil liberties of whomsoever they happen to dislike -- do you mean, then, that a rational & unbiased weighing of their political merits would not find them lacking? Is this not entirely self-evident? No matter. Wisdom -- even the visceral, primitive instinct of survival -- deplores the very existence of nuclear armament. In the face of the possibility of a lifeless, scorched Earth, all indignant grievances are moot -- no matter how your legitimize them. The entire world could be turned into idols that it would still not be as great a blasphemy as a single atomic bomb. No true believer should ever want any part in nuclear war -- which is not a war between East & West but a war against Life itself.
—Guest Etienne D.

who is endangered?

No wonder the West led by USA want to preserve the world as it is,they are on top. At the bottom, we would invite the chaos they fear, as we laugh at their racist justice. Freedom for whom? The plague on all their houses, and may the Koreans, Iranians and soon the angry black africans have the bomb! who is scared, the selfish that keep the worlds riches for themselves ~ in Africa we are dying of famine, war and pestilence anyway ~ and let not the former colonizer talk of freedom, elections and such ho9gwash. We know what made them leave South Africa, and it is not love!
—Guest Dr Omarabdi


it's not about hypocrisy; it's about reality. look at the context where nations invaded other nations. US bombed Japan, but left. Israel invaded Lebanon, the left. Saddam had to be forced out of Kuwait. do you really think Iran would start a war? i do.
—Guest ROYLAN61364

Iran most own nuclear power

US and United Nation should not hide there intention let them come out and say we dont want a muslims countries to own nuclear, whether they like it or not they most have it to depend theselve from destruction of it citizens just the way US a killings our people and steal there wealth espeacially in iraq,afganistan and other muslims nation, time shall come were muslim nation will rule the whole world is a promise of GOD not my saying and this white dogs(un and us)know about the history that is why they dont want iran to be power of depend themselve..America you must fall down time is approaching,,you better be truthful the the world.also God is waiting for you as hypocrite,stealingand unjustice you are render to muslims nations in the world.
—Guest muhammad nura

But consider this...

There are some very radical religious beliefs that contain interesting concepts like the return of some prophet or god. This return is predicated upon total annihilation of the world as we know it. So who believes these things? Well, the Iranian president for one. Are there any followers of this concept in Israel? Pakistan? India? France? England? China? Anywhere? I haven't heard of any. Only the present government of Iran has indicated a belief in the 12th Imam.
—Guest James1st
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