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Morocco’s King Mohammed VI

A Dictator More Benevolent, and Absent, Than Most


Mohammed VI of Morocco

Not a friend of shaving, Mohammed VI of Morocco celebrated the 10th anniversary of his rule in 2009. His promise of liberalizing Morocco politically, socially and economically remains largely unfulfilled.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images
M6, as Mohammed VI is known, is Morocco’s third king since the country won independence from France in 1956. Mohammed is slightly less authoritarian than other Arab leaders, allowing token political participation. But Morocco is no democracy. Mohammed considers himself Morocco’s absolute authority and “leader of the faithful,” fostering a legend that he’s a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He’s more interested in power than governance, barely involving himself in domestic or international affairs. Under Mohammed’s rule, Morocco has been stable but poor. Inequality is rife. Prospects for change aren’t.

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