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Oil & Energy

More than half the world's known oil reserves are sitting under Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Explore how the politics of oil fuel much of the world's relationship with the region and dictate big and small-power strategy.

Is OPEC Still Relevant?
OPEC--the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries--is a cartel that aims to control oil prices and production. But political divisions are undercutting its power.

What Is OPEC, the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries?
OPEC: History and member countries of the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries.

What Are Sovereign Wealth Funds?
What are sovereign wealth funds, who owns them, what are they for? An explanation of government investing of surplus wealth.

Is Peak Oil Bunk? - You Decide: Peak Oil Theory and Reality
You decide: Is peak oil something to worry about, or is it bunk?

What Is Peak Oil?
peak oil faq Matthew Simmons M.King Hubbert, Daniel Yergin and Peak Oil Theory petroleum supplies reserves saudi arabia ras tanura ghawar

Energy Independence - Is There Such a Thing as Energy Independence?
Energy independence sounds good, especially from foreign oil, but is there such a thing in a world economy dominated by globalism? You decide.

World's Top Oil Importers, 2006
The world's biggest oil importers of oil and petroleum products in 2006.

World Energy Outlook 2008-2030
Summary findings of the IEA's World Energy Outlook in Oil, Gas, Coal and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Between 2008 and 2030

Predicting Oil prices and Trends, 2008-2013
The verdict for the coming years: a brief spike in oil production, then a resumption of tight oil supplies and higher prices, according to the International Energy Agency's prediction of oil prices and trends for 2008-2013.

Why Oil and Gas Prices Are So High: Don't Blame OPEC
Oil prices are high for a variety of reasons--tight supplies, dwindling reserves, political instability, speculation. Just don't blame OPEC or Arab nations this time.

Glossary: The International Energy Agency
A definition of the Paris-based International Energy Agency, policy adviser to 27 countries regarding reliable, affordable and clean energy policy issues.

Middle East Oil Reserves By Country and Rank
Let's set the record straight about what few Middle East countries produce oil, and what many Middle East countries do not.

Glossary: Gulf Cooperation Council
The economic and cultural union between Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates

OPEC Drips Up
How far can oil prices go, and how much will OPEC control prices by manipulating production? As high as possible, and as little as possible, respectively, as far as OPEC is concerned.

U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil, By Country
America dependence on foreign oil is considerable, but little of it from the Middle East.

World's Top Oil Importers, 2006

The World's Top Oil Producers, 2006

The World's Top Oil Consumers, 2006

The World's Top Oil Exporters, 2006

Middle East Countries With Nuclear Weapons
Read about the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, and see why we should worry about the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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